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Mar 20

Valued Clients,


As you know, the Federal Government has extended the federal due date for 1040 returns until July 15.


Most of the states and cities have not extended just yet – except Kentucky.


1st and 2nd quarter estimates have NOT been extended. However, The Tax Foundation has just stated:


           “Currently, the IRS has delayed the deadline for 1st quarter payments, which are now due July 15 instead of April 15. However, this means that 2nd quarter payments, regularly due June 15, would be due before quarter 1 payment.”


This is obviously a fast-changing situation, but as of right now . . .


The US Federal return 1040 and the State of Kentucky has extended filing deadline until July 15.


If you live in a state other than Kentucky, or need to file local taxes, there are two options:


-       File for an extension, or

-       Prepare your 1040, state, and local returns and file the state and local returns before April 15.


If you would like to file an extension or discuss this matter, please call our office -513.381.2345


         We suspect other states and possibly cities will follow and extend their deadlines and we will update you.


       Thank You and stay safe!